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Gifted students

Ascot State School is committed to high quality educational outcomes for all students. Additionally, we acknowledge the diversity of our student population and as such, we strive to provide an appropriate curriculum to cater to the learning needs of all students. Students who are highly capable are entitled to a curriculum provided at a pace, degree of abstraction and complexity: and level consistent with their abilities so that they are identified and supported with appropriate strategies and are not educationally disadvantaged.


  • recognise that students who are gifted and talented in one or more domains are present in every school.
  • recognise that students who are gifted and talented vary in achievement, that achievement may vary over time and that some gifted students underachieve or experience difficulty translating their gifts into talents.
  • ​aim to provide identified gifted and talented students with relevant and engaging learning opportunities drawn from the Australian Curriculum and aligned with their individual learning needs, strengths, interests and goals to engage, stimulate and develop their potential.

Our Years 3 to 6 teaching staff and specialist teachers have completed the Mini-Certificate in Gifted Education (GERRIC, 2018).   They support student learning by providing quality differentiated teaching, which incorporates an increasingly focussed and personalised approach aimed at improving the achievement of every student. Teachers use data and ongoing monitoring to differentiate what students are taught (content), how they are taught (process), how students demonstrate what they know (product) and the learning environment. For highly capable students this increasingly personalised approach involves focussed and intensive teaching, extension and enrichment.

It is our vision to enhance every student’s opportunity to progress and achieve. Our objective for all students is that they feel valued in a learning environment, which is both challenging and supportive. In addition, we endeavour to provide students with a number of enrichment and extension programs to help encourage and develop their critical and creative thinking and skills. 

Queensland Academies Partnership

Ascot State School is one of only eight schools who are accredited partner schools in the Queensland Academies Partnership Schools (QAPS) network. Current membership of QAPS encompasses schools from North Coast Region, Metropolitan Region and South Coast Region. Member schools are both primary and secondary schools and all are strongly committed to delivery of quality learning for teachers and highly capable students. Schools in the network meet four times per year in host schools, with a focus on research, policy and practice, collaboration and capability development. As a partner school, Ascot is able to offer our families opportunities to apply for specific enrichment and extension programs from Year 3. These programs may assist parents/carers to identify pathways to attend an Academy in secondary school.