Principal’s welcome


Ascot State School is a highly respected Independent Public School, built on a rich tradition of excellence within a vibrant school community. We ensure that students have opportunities to achieve their maximum potential in a happy, caring and safe environment. We are proud of our outstanding student outcomes. Our high-quality education assists our students to love learning, develop a sense of responsibility, understand the past and embrace the future.

Our curriculum vision is to ensure that we prepare every child for a successful future, harnessing innovation, creative thinking and diversity. Ascot has an engaging and challenging curriculum, catering for all students. Our priorities are to promote critical thinking through exploration, inquiry and play. We foster curiosity by providing opportunities for students to investigate and explore in the natural environment and purposefully developed areas. Nature Play and Loose Parts Play are two of these areas. We are re-imagining learning and giving our students a voice in the journey.

Our expert teaching team ensures that evidence-based, best practice is at the core of our learning environment to ensure your child reaches their full potential. We place emphasis on increasing the academic distance travelled by each individual student. We strive to provide a balanced education and a broad range of relevant and engaging learning experiences, challenging our students to discover their unique potential and individual strengths, build on their natural curiosity and become thinkers.

The school has a long standing and award winning, highly recognised music program which includes a number of choirs, bands and instrumental ensembles. Ascot State School also has a STEAM program that is second to none. We have a fully equipped Resource Centre and Science and STEAM Centre. We promote a strong sporting program that includes interschool sport and swimming, as well as an extensive camp and excursion program.

Ascot State School is a proud partner with the City Collective consisting of highly aspirational inner-city schools, both primary and secondary. Across these schools, students enjoy the opportunities to participate in enhancement and extension programs including leadership and STEAM events.

We firmly believe that the partnership between students, school and parents is the key to ensuring student success. We work closely with our School Council and P&C to ensure that the school has a progressive trajectory. Recently, the P&C supported the school with funds to train a therapy dog – Winston.

Our beliefs, programs and facilities are shaped by the key factors that determine the school's four-year strategic plan:

·         Getting the Basics Right

·         Consolidating the Basics, Endless Possibilities 

·         Leading Quality Teaching and Learning 

·         Building Strong Partnerships

At Ascot, student learning and wellbeing is at the core of decision making and diversity, inclusion and kindness are at the forefront of all we do. Just like the school motto says – the future is bright and there are endless possibilities.

We look forward to sharing these experiences with you.

Michelle D'Netto

Principal, Ascot State School​

Last reviewed 14 November 2022
Last updated 14 November 2022