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Ascot State School is a high performing state school that prides itself on its strong parent-community partnerships to enhance and support student learning. As a high performing, proud independent public school, many families choose to live in our catchment area in order to secure a place at our school for their children. We enrol all students whose principal place of residence is within the school's catchment area.

Enrolment at Ascot State School is subject to our ​Enrolment Management Plan (EMP) (PDF, 708KB).

In-catchment enrolments

Students must reside in our catchment area to be eligible to enrol at Ascot State School and parents must be able to provide the following:

​Proof of child’s age and identity

  • ​​Original birth certi​ficate—the purpose of a birth certificate is not only to verify the child's details (i.e. age and identity), but also to establish that the person applying for the enrolment is a parent of the child, and therefore eligible and obliged to enrol them OR

  • Passp​​ort (if the child is born overseas)

  • V​​​isa (if applicable)

  • International Passport Holders—the student's passport, visa and an "Authority to Enrol" email from Education Queensland International

​​Proof of residency

Parents who wish to enrol their child at Ascot State School are required to provide proof of their residential address to ensure they reside within the school's catchment area. The following docum​ents are required:

  • Home ownership—uncondition​​​al house contract or current rates notice OR

  • Lease agr​eem​ent—must be current at the time your child commences enrolment at Ascot State School AND

  • Curren​​t gas / electricity bill at the in-catchment address

Please note: if the proof of residency cannot be presented, a Statuary Declaration must be provided.

Out-of-catchment enrolments

Ascot State ​School gives preference to in-catchment enrolments as these families support our school and local community. If there are available spaces within our school facilities, the Principal may decide to open out-of-catchment enrolments.

For out-of-catchment enrolments for 2023​, there is no longer a requirement for families to be inconvenienced by lining up in the street to enrol your child. We are moving to an online enrolment process.

​​​​On Friday, 6 May 2022 at 10.00am, we will be accepting out-of-catchment enrolments. Our preference is for online lodgement through emailing or by delivering your completed enrolment form to the school office after 10.00am. Please note this email will not be activated until 10.00am on Friday, 6 May 2022.

Out-of-catchment enrolments will be processed i​n the order they are received, but this does not guarantee enrolment at Ascot State School. Enrolments are considered firstly on year level vacancies. Enrolment interviews will occur with the Principal or Delegate who will make the final decision on whether your child can attend Ascot State School. Please fill out the out of catchment form (PDF, 271KB)​.

Last reviewed 24 February 2022
Last updated 24 February 2022